Dunn & Hillam Architects

Yardhouse by Assemble design and architecture collective in London. They describe it as an affordable workspace building. It does what the name suggests, you can see how it has been assembled from a collection of carefully curated pieces. We particularly like the concrete tiles on the facade, very painterly.


Dog shadows. Wednesday morning. On route to the Single origin Roasters Mothership, Botany

Apologies for the vertical video- address complaints to the dog…or the sun.

Colour, pattern, texture

Colour, pattern, texture

Forest Edge Garden

Laura Harding writes an engaging review of an amazing landscape by Jane Irwin and a beautiful, elegant and quiet house and pool by Jonathan Temple Architect.

The way we have politicised the climate debate. It’s very disappointing that in an educated country like Australia the science around climate change is reduced to the politics of difference. If one side says yes, the other says no, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence. Surely there must be some issues, like climate science, where there is common ground and a bipartisan approach can ensure we act intelligently?
Tony Arnel

It takes two

A great article talking about how Lahz Nimmo started up, gender equity and  the trials and tribulations of starting a new practice. Fantastic that they are taking the inherent flexibility of running your own small practice and applying it to running a larger and very successful practice. This action and flexibility in the workplace from like minded architects is making a positive difference to gender equity in our profession. We salute you!